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The College at Southwestern is a foundational training ground not only for ministry but also for life. Students at the college gain a passion for Christ and for taking His Gospel to the nations. They also develop a greater understanding and passion for Scripture as they take classes involving an intensive study of Old Testament, New Testament and Systematic Theology.

But the journey does not end here. Students  also come to understand quickly that we stand on the shoulders of Christian giants. They will read the works of influential believers such as Athanasius, Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, Hubmaier and Lewis. From regenerate church membership to believer's baptism to church discipline, the College at Southwestern instills the biblical view of Baptist beliefs. Additionally, students learn how to engage with and respond biblically to the ideas of non-Christian thinkers, such as Plato, Darwin and Freud.

To learn more about the Academic programs at the College, click here. If you need further information, visit our Admissions page. This page also has contact information if you would like to speak with us. We look forward to your call.