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The kind of thinking that changes the world

The College at Southwestern is a liberal arts college with an emphasis in humanities and biblical Studies. While some recent figures have disparaged liberal arts education as an outdated mode of education, we believe that the thrust of education should be teaching students to think well. For this reason, our students study the Great Books of Western thought and learn to think critically about the ideas therein. The classics are not something to be relegated to the dusty shelves of a library. They are works which lay the foundation for, and shed light on, our current cultural condition. By reading, understanding and interacting with these works, our students are equipped to think critically about their culture and apply that knowledge to change the world. 

But the College at Southwestern is not simply a liberal arts college; we are also unapologetically Baptist. We stress the importance of studying, learning and applying the truth of Scripture. Since the history of Western thought is itself a search for truth, our goal is to equip students to engage their culture for Christ. Therefore, our professors stress not only the need to understand the ideas and philosophies of the great works but also the need for students to filter those ideas through a biblical worldview. To develop that worldview, our students take courses in both Old and New Testament as well as classes in theology. This foundation equips students to think critically and biblically about key issues so they can act boldly for the Gospel.

The College at Southwestern trains students to “Know Truth, Share Truth, and Defend Truth.” Our students are prepared to engage cultural issues with the truth they know, share truth with those who are searching, and defend truth against skeptical attacks with robust critical thinking. It’s the kind of thinking that changes the world.